Finsterle (1997): Direct and inverse modeling of multiphase flow systems

Direct and inverse modeling of multiphase flow systems

Stefan Finsterle

In: Helmig, R., W. Jäger, W. Kinzelbach, and P. Kabner, Modeling and Computation in Environmental Sciences
Proceedings of the First GAMM-Seminar at ICA Stuttgart, October 12-13, 1995, p. 146-157.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Earth Sciences Division
University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720

Abstract. A modeling study is presented which demonstrates how the combination of simulation and optimization techniques can be used to improve the design of a multi-component remediation system. A series of computer codes has been developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to solve forward and inverse problems in groundwater hydrology. Simulations of non-isothermal, three-phase flow of volatile organic compounds in three-dimensional heterogeneous media were performed. Inverse modeling capabilities have been developed which can be used for both automatic model calibration and optimization of remediation schemes. In this study, we discuss a sequence of simulations to demonstrate the potential use of numerical models to design and analyze cleanup of a contaminated aquifer.