A selection of abstracts found throughout the iTOUGH2 website

Finsterle (2015; 2017) iTOUGH2 Command Reference
Finsterle (2007; 2016) iTOUGH2 Sample Problems
Finsterle (2007): iTOUGH2 User’s Guide
Finsterle et al. (2003): Inverse and predictive modeling of seepage into underground openings
Finsterle et al. (2002): Migration of a water pulse through fractured porous media
Kim and Finsterle (2002): Application of Automatic Differentiation for the simulation of nonisothermal, multiphase flow in geothermal reservoirs
Finsterle and Trautz (2001): Numerical modeling of seepage into underground openings
Finsterle (2000): Using the continuum approach to model unsaturated flow in fractured rock
Finsterle and Trautz (2000): Numerical Modeling of Seepage into Underground Openings
Ahlers et al. (1999): Characterization and prediction of subsurface pneumatic pressure variations at Yucca Mountain, Nevada
Finsterle and Faybishenko (1999): Inverse Modeling of a Radial Multistep Outflow Experiment for Determining Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties
Finsterle and Pruess (1999): Automatic calibration of geothermal reservoir models through parallel computing on a workstation cluster
Finsterle and Trautz (1999): Drift Seepage in Unsaturated Fractured Rock
Finsterle et al. (1999): Evaluation of geothermal well behavior using inverse modeling
Wang et al. (1999): Field tests and model analyses of seepage into a drift
Finsterle (1998): Multiphase inverse modeling: An overview
Finsterle (1998): Parallelization of iTOUGH2 Using PVM
Finsterle and Najita (1998): Robust Estimation of Hydrogeologic Model Parameters
Finsterle et al. (1998): Analysis of boiling experiment using inverse modeling
Finsterle et al. (1998): Inverse modeling of a multistep outflow experiment for determining hysteretic hydraulic properties
Finsterle (1997): Direct and inverse modeling of multiphase flow systems
Finsterle and Persoff (1997): Determining permeability of tight rock samples using inverse modeling
Finsterle and Pruess (1997): Development of inverse modeling techniques for geothermal applications
Finsterle and Pruess (1997): Using simulation optimization techniques to improve multiphase aquifer remediation
Finsterle et al. (1997) Mathematical modeling of permeation grouting and subsurface barrier performance
Finsterle et al. (1997): Application of inverse modeling to geothermal reservoir simulation
Finsterle and Pruess (1996): Design and analysis of a well test for determining two-phase hydraulic properties
Finsterle et al. (1996) iTOUGH2 software qualification
Falta et al (1995): T2VOC User’s Guide
Finsterle (1995): iTOUGH2 V3.2, Verification and Validation Report
Finsterle (1995): Direct and inverse modeling of multiphase flow systems
Finsterle and Pruess (1995): Automatic history matching of geothermal field performance
Finsterle and Pruess (1995): iTOUGH2: Solving TOUGH inverse problems
Finsterle and Pruess (1995): Solving the Estimation-Identification Problem in Two-Phase Flow Modeling
Oldenburg and Pruess (1995): EOS7R: Radionuclide Transport for TOUGH2
Finsterle and Pruess (1994): Estimating two-phase hydraulic properties by inverse modeling
Finsterle et al (1994): A TOUGH2 equation-of-state module for the simulation of two-phase flow of air, water, and a miscible gelling liquid