Finsterle (1998): Multiphase inverse modeling: An overview

Multiphase inverse modeling: An overview

Stefan Finsterle

Proceedings, DOE Geothermal Program Review XVI, Berkeley, CA, April 1-2, 1998, p. 3-3 – 3-9

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Earth Sciences Division
University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720

Abstract. Inverse modeling is a technique to derive model-related parameters from a variety of observations made on hydrogeologic systems, from small-scale laboratory experiments to field tests to long-term geothermal reservoir responses. If properly chosen, these observations contain information about the system behavior that is relevant to the performance of a geothermal field. Estimating model-related parameters and reducing their uncertainty is an important step in model development, because errors in the parameters constitute a major source of prediction errors. This paper contains an overview of inverse modeling applications using the iTOUGH2 code, demonstrating the possibilities and limitations of a formalized approach to the parameter estimation problem.