iTOUGH2 for Inverse Users (TOUGH Model and Data Analyses)

Make your TOUGH life easier: Check out iTOUGH2 for TOUGH2 users.

  1. Run your sequence of forward models and extract the output of interest in one concise,
    linked, easy-to-manage simulation. Compare your simulation results with measured
    data – visually and quantitatively.
  2. Find out who is pulling the strings: Perform local and global sensitivity analyses to
    identify the most and least influential parameters, and the observations that that are
    most affected by uncertainty in the parameters.
  3. Save $$$ by performing a data-worth analysis before you waste it all in the laboratory or
    in the field. Design your experiments using iTOUGH2!
  4. Too much data; now what? Automatically calibrate your model to diverse data sets and
    estimate the effective, model-related, scale-dependent, process-specific parameters
    you need for your subsequent predictions. iTOUGH2 even tells you how well you did!
  5. Still uncertain? Propagate your uncertainties through a prediction model and see
    whether you still need to worry.
  6. Going all out? Perform multiphysics joint inversions to get the most out of all your data.
    Get both the structure and relevant parameters of your model – and impress your
    hydrogeophysical-geochemical-rockmechanical colleagues.
  7. Like what you see? Use all iTOUGH2 features in combination with any non-TOUGH
    model by linking them up through the PEST protocol.
  8. Be inclusive! Integrate your pre- and postprocessors into iTOUGH2 and estimate all that
    remains uncertain before and after TOUGH.
  9. iTOUGH2 optimizes your data match. Why not optimize everything else (monitoring
    system, field operations, experimental design, your life)?
  10. Tired of running TOUGH many times? Let iTOUGH2 do it for you – in series or in parallel.
  11. Make your iTOUGH2 life more efficient and effective: Take an iTOUGH2 Short Course!