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>> CUMULATIVE (comp_name/COMPONENT: icomp) (phase_name/PHASE: iphase) (CHANGE/DELTA)

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This command selects as an observation type the cumulative injection or production of component icomp or phase iphase. This observation type refers to a sink or source code name. It can be used when time-dependent generation rates are to be estimated where the total amount of injected or produced fluid is approximately known, or if the total generation rate is prescribed in block GENER, but the phase composition of the produced fluid is variable and sensitive to the parameters of interest. Finally, the cumulative amount of injected or produced fluid can be used as an observable variable for wells on deliverability. Note that the cumulative mass of a phase produced in an element strongly depends on the composition of the produced fluid mixture according to the options provided by TOUGH2 flag MOP(9). Component number icomp or component name comp_name, and phase number iphase or phase name phase_name depend on the EOS module being used. They are listed in the iTOUGH2 header and can be specified either on the command line or using the two subcommands >>>> COMPONENT and >>>> PHASE, respectively. If neither a phase nor component number is specified, the total, cumulative mass of all phases or components will be calculated.

>>> SOURCE: RW__1
>>>> ANNOTATION : Total methane [l]
>>>> FACTOR : -7.67358E-04 [l] - [kg]
>>>> DATA from FILE: tot_ch4.dat [HOUR]
>>>> DEVIATION : 5.0 [l]


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