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This command selects as an observation type the elevation of the watertable in the coordinate system given in Columns 71-80 of the TOUGH2 ELEME block. Multiple elements must be provided (preferably a vertical column, e.g., representing a well), covering the expected range of watertable fluctuations. A warning message will be printed if the entire column is either (1) fully saturated (i.e., the water table is above the highest specified element), (2) unsaturated (i.e., the water table is below the lowest specified element), or (3) has a perched water body within the specified interval. Generally, the watertable elevation is assumed to be within the lowest-elevation element that has a saturation below the residual gas saturation (i.e., only trapped gas). The calculation of the water table is based on the assumption that Z-coordinate in the TOUGH2 ELEME block refers to the center of the element, and that nodal distances are proportional to element volumes. The option also requires that a gravitational accellearation is given (variable GF in the TOUGH2 block PARAM)

>> WATERTABLE elevation
>>> all ELEMENTS in COORDINATE BOX: 0. 1. -25. 0. 1. -20.
This coordinate box covers the expected range of
watertable fluctuations (-25 to -20 m) in Well 5,
which is located at X=0.5 and Y=0.5
>>>> ANNOTATION: WT in Well 5
>>>> SHIFT : -95.0 m (reference datum at 95 masl)
>>>> DATA in [HOURS] from FILE: WT_Well5.dat
>>>> DEVIATION : 0.1 m


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