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>>>> COLUMN: itime idata (istd_dev)

Parent Command
all third-level commands in block > OBSERVATION




This command identifies the column holding the time and observed value in the data definition block (see command >>>> DATA). By default, transient observations are expected to be provided in two columns, where the first column contains the observation time, and the second column contains the corresponding measurement. Deviations from this format must be indicated by providing the numbers of the columns, itime and idata, holding time and data information, respectively. If a third integer istd_dev is provided, an additional column is expected holding the standard deviation of the corresponding measurement. This allows one to specify individual standard deviations for each data point (the subcommand >>>> DEVIATION assigns a single standard deviation to all data points of a data set). The columns following command >>>> DATA are read in free format. If a column contains non-numeric characters, command >>>> FORMAT must be used.

>>> ELEMENT : A1__1
>>>> COLUMN : 2 3
>>>> skip : 3 HEADER lines
>>>> conversion FACTOR : -100.0 [hPa] - [-Pa]
>>>> DATA (time is in MINUTES)
# Time [min] Cap. Pres, [hPa] FlowmeterX Flow Rate [mg/s]
1 05.0 0.1698331055E+02 FlowmeterA 0.9869399946E+01
2 10.0 0.2075763428E+02 FlowmeterA 0.1039689596E+02
3 15.0 0.2357142822E+02 FlowmeterA 0.1162893932E+02
4 20.0 0.2529052490E+02 FlowmeterA 0.1353439620E+02
5 25.0 0.2598133789E+02 FlowmeterA 0.1469761628E+02
. .... ................ .......... ................
>>>> standard DEVIATION: 0.5 [hPa]


See Also
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