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>>> FORMAT: format (LIST)
>>> PLOTFILE: format (LIST)

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iTOUGH2 does not directly generate graphs (except for the residual plot and correlation chart). However, it does generate a plot file with data at the calibration points and system response as calculated with the initial, intermediate (see command >>> PLOTTING), and final parameter set. A plot file with the relative permeability and capillary pressure curves can also be requested (see command >>> CHARACTERISTIC). These plot files must be processed by an external visualization package. iTOUGH2 generates plot files in PLOPO format, a visualization software developed by U. Kuhlmann at ETH, Z├╝rich. The PLOPO plot file is internally reformatted to comply with formats of other visualization programs. The string format identifies the visualization software (for a list of available formats add keyword LIST). The reformatted plot files have a file extension specific for the chosen software (for example “.tec” for TECPLOT.) A general format accepted by most commercially available plotting programs is the arrangement in columns, where the first column contains the time, and additional columns hold the data and calculated system response for various observations. This general format can be obtained by using keyword COLUMNS. The default format is TECPLOT, and can be changed to another format in file it2main.f, BLOCK DATA IT, through variable IPLOTFMT. Additional interfaces can be programmed into subroutine PLOTIF and REFORMAT.

>>> FORMAT of plot file : COLUMNS (print LIST of available formats)


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