Manual Page for Command >> PRODUCTION

>> GENERATION (comp_name/COMPONENT: icomp) (phase_name/PHASE: iphase) (CHANGE/DELTA)
>> PRODUCTION (comp_name/COMPONENT> icomp) (phase_name/PHASE: iphase) (CHANGE/DELTA)

Parent Command


>>> SINK


This command selects as an observation type the total or fractional generation rate in a production well. This observation type refers to a sink code name. The total generation rate is usually prescribed in TOUGH2 block GENER, or can be considered a parameter to be estimated (see command >> RATE). A variable generation rate suitable for calibration is obtained only for wells on deliverability (type DELV), or if the generation rate of a specific phase is used. The fractional generation rate refers to the production of a specific phase or component. The component name comp_name or component number icomp, as well as the phase name phase_name or phase number iphase, which depend on the EOS module being used, are listed in the iTOUGH2 header. They can be specified either on the command line or using the subcommands >>>> COMPONENT and >>>> PHASE, respectively. If neither a phase nor a component is specified, the total generation rate is calculated. If a phase but no component is selected, the generation rate of that phase including all components is calculated. If a component but no phase is selected, the generation rate of that component in all phases is calculated. Finally, if a specific phase and a specific component is given, only the generation rate of that component in the specified phase is calculated.

>> GAS GENERATION (includes both air and vapor)
>>> SINK: DLV_1 + 5
>>>> ANNOTATION : Gas generation [Nl/s]
>>>> FACTOR : 1000.0 [Nl/s] - [kg/s]
>>>> DATA on FILE : gasflow.dat [HOUR]
>>>> RELATIVE error: 10.0 [%]


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