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>>> INCOMPLETE: max_incomplete

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A successful iTOUGH2 run is based on the robustness and stability of the underlying TOUGH2 simulation. It is therefore imperative to develop a TOUGH2 model that is capable of completing the desired simulation for a variety of parameter combinations. The simulation must reach the time of the last calibration point, i.e., a premature termination due to convergence failures is not acceptable. The number of potential convergence failures or errors leading to premature termination is large. The type of convergence failure is indicated in the iTOUGH2 output file. It is usually impossible to continue the optimization process after a convergence failure. However, in some cases iTOUGH2 is able to retrieve information from a previous simulation which allows it to continue the inversion despite an incomplete run. iTOUGH2 always terminates if an incomplete run is encountered during the first evaluation of the Jacobian. The maximum number of incomplete simulations to be accepted by iTOUGH2 can be set by variable max_incomplete (default: 5). However, one should not rely on inversions that contain incomplete TOUGH2 runs. Note that if option >>> STEADY-STATE is invoked, all incomplete simulations are accepted by iTOUGH2 assuming that steady-state conditions have been reached.

>>> perform : 10 ITERATIONS
>>> or stop if : 250 TOUGH2 SIMULATIONS are executed
>>> accept : 10 INCOMPLETE runs, if possible


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