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>>>> TEMPLATE: num-template-files

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>>> PEST


iTOUGH2 capabilities can be applied to non-TOUGH2 models using the PEST interface. Template files are used to communicate between iTOUGH2 parameters and the input variables of the user-supplied model, which must be provided through one or multiple ASCII text files. (Note that if the model expects input from the keyboard, the “<” symbol can be used on the command line (see >>>> EXECUTABLE) to redirect standard input from the keyboard to a text file.)

A template file must be provided for each input file that contains a parameter adjusted by iTOUGH2; num-template-files is the number of template files provided. Template files are matched to their corresponding input files on the lines following the >>>> TEMPLATE command. Under Unix, it is recommended to add separate lines with the keyword FILE: followed by the file name, so the files are automatically copied to the temporary directory. This can occur anywhere in the iTOUGH2 input file.

>>> PEST
>>>> EXECUTABLE FILE : Run-ModelA-and-ModelB.bat
>>>> TEMPLATE : 2
ModelA.tpl inputA.txt
ModelB.tpl inputB.txt
outputB.ins outputB.txt

copy FILE: ModelA.tpl to temporary directory
copy FILE: ModelB.tpl to temporary directory
copy FILE: outputB.ins to temporary directory



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