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>>>> SHIFT: shift (TIME (time_unit))

Parent Command
all third-level commands in block > OBSERVATION




This command shifts data values or observation times by a known, constant value shift. The effect of this command is a direct data manipulation which must be distinguished from estimating an unknown constant that shifts the model output (see command >> SHIFT). If keyword TIME is present on the command line, the constant shift is added to all observation times of the corresponding data set. This is useful to adjust the reference time of the data record if it is different from the starting time of the simulation (TOUGH2 variable TSTART). The time unit can be selected using one of the time_unit keywords. If keyword TIME is not present, shift is added to all observed values. The units of shift must match those of the observed data (see command >>>> FACTOR).

>>>> ANNOTATION: rel. pres.
>>>> conversion FACTOR: 1000.0 [kPa] - [Pa]
>>>> SHIFT: 100.0 [kPa] add atmospheric pressure to data
>>>> SHIFT TIMES as well by: -1.25 DAYS
>>>> relative pressure DATA in [HOURS] and [kPa] follow:
30.0 1.314
30.5 1.789
31.0 2.113
.... .....
>>>> standard DEVIATION: 0.5 [kPa]


See Also
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